About the Legends

Leprechauns are the rejected people of a much-oppressed race, living underground and mainly operating in the dark. They tend to be treated by stupid people as an object of ridicule and scorn. Mostly, however, they are loved and viewed with affection.

The Leprechauns have a set of extraordinary attributes, the power to see and hear things that others can’t, often depicted by the size of their eyes and ears. They also hold special tools or talismans which gives them certain advantages as they journey through the metaverse.

Leprechaun Legends is a collection of 555 unique NFTs that once reinstated in the world, will be living on the Ethereum blockchain. They are hand-drawn and then programmatically generated NFTs. Each NFT will be unique in its own right, but some attributes will make them rarer than others.

Our Day is Coming…

The Quest of the Legends

The main task for our Leprechaun Legends is to reinstate themselves in the world again and to restore what they once stood for. They and the people who are familiar with them know they’re too important to remain underground for another millennium. They’ve lived in the dark, honing their skills, insights and unique worldview.

Your task is to bring them into the metaverse to compete in The Wayfinder Games, for a chance to win a series of prizes, including Ethereum, NFTs, and to potentially become the Champion Leprechaun.

Free 3D NFT

We will look to develop 3D Leprechauns once we stimulate enough after sales.

The Benefits

The Wayfinder Games

Giving holders access to compete for prizes in the metaverse

Access to Tribal DAOs

Allowing members to partake in designated tribes to play, vote and compete (coming in cycle 2)


Holders will have exclusive rights to a free* unique 3D NFT and beyond

Merch Store

Once our unique merch store is launched, only holders will have access (coming in cycle 2)


Access to any future partnership incentives

~240 Traits of the Legends






Every Leprechaun belongs to one of four tribes, with each one having its own characteristics. The tribes are the Lennies (Blue), known for prosperity and wealth, The Munnies (Red), known for Music and the Craic, The Ullies (White), known for fighting and defence, and finally, The Connies (Green), known for their wisdom and insight.